JINTU T Mount T2 T-Lens Adapter Ring Telephoto Lens Adapter Compatible with Canon Nikon Sony Fuji Micro 4/3 Cameras 420-800mm 500mm 900mm

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  • This mount adapter is compatible with canon, nikon ,sony NEX E mount or FUJI FX mount or Micro 4/3 DSLR cameras to attach T2/T mount lens.( pls choice different T mount adapter fit for different brand of cameras)
  • It allows you to attach your canon, nikon ,sony NEX E mount or FUJI FX mount or Micro 4/3 DSLR /SLR camera body to lenses, telescopes, microscopes, enlargers, and bellows attachments that have a T2 universal thread mount.
  • It also can connect with telephoto lens and camera body to make lens work, such as work with JINTU 420-800m, 500mm-1000mm, 650-1300mm,900mm telephoto lens and mirror lens.
    All metal construction and anodizing aluminium process, durable for long time use.
  • Completely manual control, manual focus and manual exposure. There is no electrical connection on the ring so diaphragm control of the lens is set manually.
  • With a mini wrench to help tighten or loosen the screw.
  • Made of high-quality metal material, durable for long time use.
  • Color: Black, Material: metal
    Attention: Auto Focus will not be available, and it's recommended to use Manual / AV modes.
  • T2-EOS Compatible with Canon EOS DSLR cameras , such as T1i, T2i, T3, T3i, T4, T4i T5, T5i, T6, T6i, T6s, XS, XSI T7, T7i, T7s 1D, 5D, 5D II, 5D III, 5D IV 6D, 6D II, 7D, 7D II, 30D, 40D, 50D, 60D, 70D, 80D, 90D, 4000D, 1200D , 1300D, 200D, 250D etc

  • T2-EOS R Compatible with CAN0N RF mount mirrorless cameras, such as E0S R
    Note: not fit to E0S DSLR and E0S M mirrorless cameras

  • T2-AI Compatible with nikon D90, D780, D3000, D3100, D3200, D3300, D3400, D5000, D5100, D5200, D5300, D5500, D5600, D7000, D7100, D7200, D7500, D300, D300s, D600, D610, D700, D750, D800, D800e, D810, D810a, D850 etc

  • T2-FX Compatible with Fujifilm fuji FX X Mount Cameras, such as :X -A5 X -A20 X -A10 X -A3 X -A2 X -A1 X -T2 X -E3 X -E2S X -E2 X -E1 X-T 100 X-T 10 X-T 1 IR X-T 1 X-T 20 X-H1 X-M1 X-Pro1 X-Pro2 Camera body etc

  • T2-NEX Compatible with Sony NEX E Mount Camera body A6500 A6300 A6000 A7 A7R A7RII A7RIII A9 etc

  • T2-EOS M Compatible with Canon EOS M EF-M M2 M3 M6 M10 M50 M100 Mirrorless Camera Body

  • T2-M4/3 Compatible with All Micro 4/3 mount Camera.
    Such as: E-P1, E-P2, E-P3, E-P5 E-PL1, E-PL2, E-PL3, E-PL5, E-PL6, E-PL7 E-PM1...
    for Panasonic DMC-G1, DMC-G2, DMC-G3, DMC-G6, DMC-G7 DMC-GH1, DMC-GH2, DMC-GH3, DMC-GH4, DMC-GH5, DMC-GF1, DMC-GF2, DMC-GF3, DMC-GF5 DMC-GF7, DMC-GF9, DMC-G10...

  • T2-Pentax Compatible with Pentax K Mout K10 K20 K-X K-R K-100 K-200 K3 K5 K7 Camera body

  • T2-N1 Compatible with Nikon 1 N1 J1 J2 J3 J4 V1 V2 V3 S1 S2 AW1 Mirrorless Camera body

  • T2-NIKON Z mount Compatible with Nikon Z-Mount Z5, Z6, Z6II, Z7 ,Z7II, Z9, Z50, Z fc mirrorless camera body. Perfect for the wildlife or nature photographer


  • Package Weight: Approx.39g / 1.4oz
    Package List:
    1 * Lens Adapter Ring
    1 * Mini wrench