JINTU 500mm f/6.3 Mirror Telephoto Camera Lens Manual Focus Control For Canon Nikon Pentax Sony Digital DSLR Camera

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1.this is the manual lens, when you use it before ,pls set you camera on the M model and Manual focus!
2.telephoto lens, Because there is no anti-shake function, please use it with a tripod and a timed shutter release to avoid blurry pictures!

This 500mm Manual ultra-telephoto, multi-coated mirror lens is a brand new lens.

Incredibly compact and lightweight, this lens is ideally suited for sports and wildlife photography. ​ ​It has a fixed aperture of f/6.3 which is faster than most other 500mm lenses. ​ ​This lens attaches to your camera with the included T-Mount adapter and works with auto focus cameras

in manual mode.

Key Features:

Compact, Ultra-telephoto Lens

Advanced Reflex Mirror Design ​ ​

Super Spectra Coatings ​ ​

Aluminum Alloy Construction

​ ​Manual Focus, Fixed Circular Aperture

​ ​Compatible with Most SLRs and DSLRs ​ ​

Camera-specific T-mount Adapter Supplied

​ ​Maximum Aperture: f/6.3 ​ ​Focal

Length Type: Zoom

Focal Length: 500 mm

​ ​Filter size: 95mm

​ ​Lens Construction: 6 Elements in 6 Groups

​ ​Maximum Diameter: 98.0mm or 3.86 Inches

​ ​Minimum Focusing Distance: 2.0m or 6.1 ft.

Fixed Aperture: f/6.3

Lens Type: Manual

Weight: 705g or 24.87 oz.

T-Mount Adapter Required and Included

specification :

  the Manual 500mm f/6.3 Multi-Coated ED Mirror Lens is incredibly powerful. ​

  This lens is designed and constructed with ED Glass for enhanced dispersion.

  ​It's an excellent addition to any photographer's collection. This lens is a high-quality,computer designed product that incorporates the merits of both reflex optics and refraction optics.

  ​This combination provides the user with an extremely sharp picture with minimum color aberration.

  ​With its tremendous power, this lens is ideally suited for wildlife and sports photography.

  ​Multi-coated high definition optics and an integrated lens hood combine to maintain maximum contrast with ​ ​reduced glare and reflections. It produces sharper, more intense pictures.


​  Take incredibly close shots from long range distances. While this lens is designed for high definition telephotophotography, it is also one of the most affordable precision optics available, which allows anyone on any budget to enjoy shooting crisp, clear pictures.


  Aluminum alloy construction provides for a lightweight and ruggedthat includes a rotating tripod mount, for balance and stability when mounted on a tripod or monopod.

Package Includes:

•1X 500mm f/6.3 Telephoto Mirror Lens

•1X T-Mount Adapter

•1X Lens case

• original factory package