JINTU Mini W49 49 LED Video Light Camera Lamp Light Photo Lighting For Cannon/For Nikon/For Sony Camera or Camcorder smartphone

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  • LED49 LED video light is compact and lightweight continuous source for macro shot, wedding, news still-life shooting, video taking etc.

  • With high output brightness, accurate color temperature, it is suitable to use in many different environments for video taking.

  • Running with 2pcs AA battery makes power solution just easy and low-cost. Besides, the dimmer is helpful and loved by videographers.

Product Features:

1. 49 selected daylight balanced LED bulbs provide nice brightness. Low power consumption, high output and correct color temperature.
2. Run with 2PCS AA batteries. Power is easy and convenient.
3. Unique design, compact and lightweight.
4. It can be built in with multiple lights together to provide even more brightness.
5. Step-less dimmable, it can dim the light output applying to different shooting conditions.
6. Constant current circuit design provides stable light output, reduces electronic faults and extends service life.

Product Specification:

Model: W49
Power Source: DC 3V, AA battery
(not included)
Power: 5.5W
Color Temperature: 6000K

LED angle:60°
Illumination (LM): approx. 800Lm
Brightness Control: Dimmer
Max Work Time: >1.5Hours
Weight: 65g
Dimension: 80mm*6mm7*32mm

Suitable for:

Canon Nikon Sony Pentax Olympus Digital Camera Camcorder DV(with standard hot shoe)

Package includes:

W49 LED Video Lighting x 1

User's Manuel x 1 (with Original packaging)

without any battery