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Why Choose US?

10+ years of experience

JINTU is an American brand with more than 10 years of experience .
More than 15 years of camera lens innovation and craftsmanship.
JINTU difference comes from ensures optimal consistency with the highest quality for each individual lens.
That's why both professionals and knowledgeable photography support on JINTU lenses.

Important Note

We sells all lens is a manual focus lens without Auto Focus and no Image stabilization function, this is why price lower than Canon or nikon brand Lens.

420-800mm lens Aperture is fixed, can't adjust.  and camera won't display the aperture value.  this is normal.



1. Q: When I installed lens to my camera, Why the camera showing "Lens not Attached"?


This is a manual focus lens, No Electronic contactors,
your camera will not detect the lens when mounted,
that’s why it shows “ Lens Not Attached”,
Pls switch to M mode in order to use this lens correctly.
if can't press shutter button, pls setting camera menu : "shutter release without lens " to work normally.
and set by this way :
1) Set the mode dial to Manual (M).
2) Set the Release w/o Lens option in the camera menu to Enable. 3) Set the Shutter lock option in the camera menu to Off: no lens

2. I want to use this lens on my other brands of cameras. Can I use it?
A: yes, can use. we have supply T mount adapter can fit for canon ,nikon ,sony, pentax, fuji and mico m4/3 dfferent brand camera.