JINTU Black Metal Macro AF Auto Focus Extension Tube AF Set Automatic for All CANON EOS EF / EF-S SLR DSLR Camera Lens

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  ​This is a quality Phootlex Auto Focus Extension Tube set which includes 3 tubes of differnet lenghts 13mm, 21mm, and 31 mm - which can be used individually or in any combination to obtain the desired magnification. ​

  ​These extension tubes are designed with all the circuitry and mechanical coupling to maintain auto focus and TTL auto exposure with Canon lenses, given there is enough light to activate the cameras AF system properly.

Auto-Focus ​

  This extension tube ​

  13mm tube (Tube 1)

   21mm tube (Tube 2) ​

   31mm tube (Tube 3) ​Metal bayonet ​ ​

Compatible with:

for All Canon SLR cameras, such as:

   ​for Canon Rebel X, Rebel XT, Rebel XTi, Rebel XSi, 1100D, 700D, 650D, 600D, 550D , 500D, 450D, 400D, 350D, 300D, 100D, 70D,

   for Canon  60D, 50D...... ​for Canon  10D, 20D, 30D, 40D, 5D.... ​

   for Canon 1D-X, 1D, 1Ds, 1D mark II, 1Ds mark II, 1D mark III, 1Ds mark III , 5D mark III......

   ​for Canon 30/33/30V......

   ​for Canon 50/55,  kissIII, kissIIIL, 100...... 

   ​for Canon  10, 300V, 300X, 300VQD...... ​

 ​ Package Include

   ​1 * New Extention Tube(Re

   ​1 * User manual