JINTU Vertical Shutter Battery GRIP for Nikon D850 DSLR Camera as MB-D18 work with EN-EL15/EN-EL15a or 8 pcs AA battery

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JINTU Power Battery GripD850Replace MB-D18 For Nikon D850 Work with EN-EL15 Battery


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--Thank you for choosing this professional vertical battery grip. To ensure proper operation, read this manual thoroughly before using this product.

​--It is specially designed for Nikon D850 DSLR cameras. It is equipped with an alternate shutter-release button, AF-ON button, multi selector, and main and sub-command dials for shooting in a vertical position.

​--BG-2XIR provide IR remote control function . Infrared remote control function allows you using the IR remote controller control the camera shutter.

​--This battery grip can hold one EN-EL15/EN-EL15a rechargeable Li-ion battery, in addition to the camera's internal battery. Eight AA batteries (Alkaline LR6,Ni-MH HR , or Lithium FR ) , can be used instead for more convenience.

​--It will effectively extend your shooting time and enable shooting in the same fashion as a horizontal grip. After installed the grip on camera, you can change the battery option on the camera's menu at default settings, it will automatically option deplete the battery in the grip before using power from the battery in the camera.


1. This product should only be used with compatible devices specified in this instruction. ​

2. Only use with batteries and battery holders recommended. ​

3. Cover the power terminals with the contact cap when not in use. This prevents electrical shorts caused by metal objects touching the terminals.

​4. When the battery holder is removed from the grip, remove the batteries or place the holder in a container to prevent electrical shorts caused by contact with other metal objects.

​5. The memory card access lamp may light up when this grip is mounted or removed from the camera. This is par t of the normal operation.

​6. The control lock is not a power switch; use the camera power switch to turn the power on/off. ​

7. The battery level may not display properly if batteries are inserted before attaching the grip to camera. ​

8. Remove batteries from the grip when not in use for an extended period.

​9. Do not disassemble or repair this product yourself, any problem or accident caused is not in warranty. ​

10. Avoid water or extreme humidity and keep in a dry and cool place.

​11. Do not dispose of in fire or extremely high temperature environment. ​

12. Keep the product or parts away from children, in case of swallowed by mistake.

​ ​Specifications:

*Type: BG-2X \ BG-2XIR replacement MB-D18 ​

*Power Sources: 1xEN-EL15/ EN-EL15a or 8xAA batteries(LR6, HR, FR) ​

*Fit :Cameras Nikon D850

​*Replacement For MB-D18

​*Operating Temperature: 0~40℃(32~104°

​*Dimensions: About 151x50x81mm

​*Weight About 280g/310g (Include EN- EL15 Battery Holder)

​*Approximate measurements

​*All the trademarks are the property of their respective owners Specification and design are subject to change without notice ​


Camera and batteries are not included.

Take out the batteries if no use for long time.

​ ​Package List:

1*Battery grip as MB-D18 for Nikon D850 ​

1*AA battery holder

​1*EN-EL15 Li-ion battery holder

1*Manual (Chinese &English)