How to Use A Telephoto Lens For Photography

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Telephoto lenses have a multitude of uses and can be a great tool in a photographer's arsenal.

--- The longer reach of telephoto lenses is a brilliant thing for photographers who want to photograph shy wildlife, pull far away subjects closer or simply want to fill the frame to create an attention-grabbing shot.

2. Capture Shots Of Wildlife As a telephoto lens closes the distance between you and whatever you're photographing, it's an ideal lens for photographing wildlife. With a telephoto lens you'll be able to take shots that look like you were just a few steps away from your subject when really you were some distance away. This distance means your subject won't be scared off and if you're shooting what could be considered as a dangerous animal, the distance makes it safer for you.

How to Photograph The Moon?

--- Your shots won't be as good as those who use telescopes, but you can still get excellent shots of the moon with a long telephoto lens. As well as a very long lens you also need a tripod, clear skies, good weather, remote/cable release, a few hours to spare and good technique. You can even take a number of shots, and combine multiple shots to produce a sharper image. you can manual control shutter speed fast or slowly to get a good image.


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You have only ISO and Shutter speed to control but no aperture. Althoug this telephoto lens without aperture controllable, but I should have known since it is a manual lens. When you are spot on, the focus is good and a fast shutter speed is necessary with high ISO. A tripod would help in getting a sharper image but some nature is not as cooperative. ;-) For the price, it is a good piece of equipment and solidly built. This surprised me. A few images here from my first tries with the lens. **Edit: After additional use the manual focus gets easier with a higher number of shots in focus. I recommend putting ISO on auto while setting an upper limit and fast shutter is key for more keepers. You can pull more of the shadows out in post than you can recover blown out highlights.